Confirmation – Buckeye Kosher Blitz

Thank you for your interest for the Buckeye Kosher Blitz Pre-Passover services. For the service you are interested in, please click the link the corresponding form.

BK Delivers
Buckeye Kosher will take simple orders, input that order into an app, and communicate with the shopper and delivery personnel. Once the shopping is complete, we will calculate the shopping reimbursement and credit card fees using Square. Please fill out this FORM if you would like Buckeye Kosher to do a small shopping for you.

BK Checks (for Shatnez)
Clothing that is made with wool may have linen fabric, linen filler, or linen stitching. Jewish law prohibits cloth containing both wool and linen (Shatnez), and all clothing should be checked by a qualified person before use. Buckeye Kosher is partnering with Mitzvah Depot to perform this service before Passover. Please fill out this FORM to schedule a time to have this service performed. I would just put in again the term Shatnez in the description.

BK Digs [burial of Shaimos (holy items)]
Shaimos is the term for Jewish items that contain a level of sanctity and require burial if they are no longer fit for use. Which items need burial? What items can be included and what items should not be included? Buckeye Kosher will review and sift through items and dispose of them in the appropriate way. If you are interested in this service as you clean for Passover, please fill out the FORM.

BK Dips (toivels your kitchenware)
Toiveling is the immersion of kitchenware in a ritual bath (mikvah) to render them usable in a kosher kitchen. The mikvah is quite busy around Passover and there are a number of variables when determining if/how an item requires toiveling – some items need to be immersed, some don’t and others need to be immersed but only without a blessing. If you would like Buckeye Kosher to perform this service, please fill out this FORM.

BK Boils (kashers your used kitchenware)
Kosher utensils used throughout the year should not be used on Passover unless they are made kosher for Passover use. The process can be tedious and complex. Buckeye Kosher has unique expertise when it comes to kashering. Feel free to fill out this FORM if you are interested in making certain items kosher for Passover use.

BK Cleans
Fitting in cleaning your car before Passover can be a chore; actually getting it fully clean is an even greater task. If you are interested in Buckeye Kosher arranging for a top-to-bottom clean of your car, please fill out this FORM.

BK Checks (your produce)
Checking vegetables for bugs has become a fundamental task in a kosher home. With all the meals over the Passover holiday and the custom of using certain greens at the seder, it is important to refresh your skills on how to properly check vegetables for bugs. Buckeye Kosher will have a virtual class to demonstrate this process. We will also have pre-checked produce available for purchase. To find out more, please fill in this FORM

BK Cooks
Dinner right before Passover when your kitchen is earmarked for Passover production is not something you want to think about. No problem – Buckeye Kosher‘s got you covered. BK will plan a pizza night with 3 unique pizza recipes available for all those who need a break; no plain pizza here. If interested, please fill out this FORM.