5th Annual
BBQ Festival

September 8, 2019 3-7 pm
Capital University Front Lawn

Activities & Amusements


Giant Target Soccer Kick

Soccer darts, the newest sporting craze gaining national attention, is BIG fun for everyone!

The giant bulls-eye target made of velcro has players kick a velcro covered soccer ball to collect points. It’s darts you can play with your feet.

Inflatable T-ball

Inflatable t-ball game is a blow up baseball cage with baseball scoring painting. Aim and bat the balls floating on the tube tee to the opposite goals and try to score higher points. Great for young kids between ages 4 years to 8, to start learning and playing simple baseball or softball.

Obstacle 180

The course features 6 unique obstacle elementals riders have to go through along with a climber and slide at the end. 28 feet of obstacle course followed by a 180 degree turn, and 28 feet more of climber and slide. Truly a 56 feet long inflatable obstacle course. Riders start and finish on the same side, making it a good obstacle course for backyard events. Good for ages 4 and up.

Fun Loving Puppy Bounce

Come romp and play just the way pups do when they are playing with their pals. Bouncing and bounding around with all that excited puppy-like energy.

Butterfly bounce house and slide

Butterfly Combo is a great activity for the younger crowd. Colorful and fun.

Gaga – Israeli Dodge Ball

Originally known as Israeli Dodge Ball, the game of Gaga Ball has become extremely popular with many organizations across the US and beyond. Your kid probably know it well from camp!